The Cup of Emotions


Two months ago five girls came from far far away to teach ESL classes 
at our summer institutes.Today, they are leaving home. It is strange how time flew by.It is scary and I don't like it.I was in charge of picking them up from the airport.I was in charge of finding them a place to stay and make them feel comfortable in this godforsaken country.We saw each other every day and now I'm supper sad that they left.I hate saying goodbye.I hate that I am so emotional and couldn't stop crying after they left for Sarajevo in order to catch their flights back to their respective lives.


In these two months we went through some bumpy and extremely hot van rides.We got up really early and went to bed late.We passed miles and miles of kilometers, carried heavy stuff from place to place with a smile on our faces, did volunteer actions although we honestly had no clue what are we supposed to do most of the time, we promoted institutes by giving out flyers to people who had really unpleasant looks on their faces, gave out coffee and lemonade on our "Parties in the Park",we managed hundreds of teenagers at our summer institutes, we helped each other in times of need (more times that I can count) and enjoyed together in the good days.They were inspirational in every way.Being around them sometimes made me feel extremely uneducated.They're so well informed about the life and world and they have awoken a desire in me to learn more and research more.Not that I did not have a similar desire before but spending time with them made me realize that I want to be a different person and have a different life, be more independent, straightforward and not bottle up my feelings and put up with all sorts of bullshit.Four of them are younger then me and one was born on the same day and same year as I am. I couldn't wish for better friends or a better birthday twin :D


I didn't know how to thank them for making these past few months great and for giving me so much so I drew somewhat fast cartoonish imperfect portraits and wrote funny personal messages behind. Of course, my portrait attempts don't do them justice because they're much more beautiful but it's the thought that counts and it was from the heart.


Yup,that is it for today.I'm resting today and tomorrow I'm back to work,
huh the things we need to do to survive .


  1. :( ja nisam provodila toliko vremena ko ti sa njima, al' mi je bilo nekako neobično kad su otisle i još uvijek ih se često sjetim :)

    1. Covjek se zacas navikne na nesto.JA nisam znala da ce mi falit ali eto jesu.Bilo je zabavno sa njima.



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