Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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Pumped Up Kicks


The last few days were..well,crazy does not really begin to describe it.
I just want to say how fed up I am with people and their mentality, 
I'm tired of this world and all its evil and 
I'm sick and tired of people judging everybody and everything.
So, I decided to lock myself in a room,pretend that the world does not exist 
and sleep for a week.All would be well and good if my brain would just cooperate and 
cease working for a while so I could have some rest.
DIY's in the middle of the night were not really on my agenda but still,
they happened.In the end I realized that some creative work was the only therapy 
I needed.


There is a bunch of stuff I see online and I want them so badly
 but they are either too expensive or companies don't ship to this Godforsaken country or 
something else, much more important, comes up and I never get them.
I always claimed that one day when I become a millionaire I'm gonna buy every obtainable memorabilia from my favorite movies.But,by the time I become a millionaire I would probably be an old granny that will have better things on her mind, (if she has any mind left at all)
 than buying stuff her crazy,obsessive 20-something old self wanted. Who knows, maybe
we will  have some fashionable spacesuits so walking around in hoodies and t-shirts won't be all the rage like it is today.

1.Inspired by this....

and this...

...I changed this... this.

2.And, since my phone is a mean little son of a bitch
 to which I can't find any
 suitable cover I have to change the one I have,repeatedly.
It's either that or  to change my phone. It's not my best but I don't care.

3.And then there is this portrait for which I really thought 
 I would screw up because I never drew facial hair before.

P.S I'm  not that creative to invent my own art so I'm borrowing from the internet. 
I hope nobody gets mad, but just in case they do I will pay for the rights when I become a millionaire, contact me then :D

Live Long and Prosper!