Anime Girl as Busy as a Bee

Finally I'm back and hopefully I will stay.
In all this time while I was unwillingly cut out from the world a lot of things happened.
I enjoyed my first snow at 3 a.m.It was incredible to be in town, completely alone and witness all that unspoiled beauty.I enjoyed it greatly but I don't think I will repeat the experience.


I still think that kids are the creepiest beings alive.I apologize to all proud parents with kids but I just can't help myself.Apparently most of the kids in my proximity have problems,mental problems.One cherubic kid with such a cute everything, asked me would I still see if I take my eyes out and put cameras instead.As soon as I picked my jaw off the floor I said NO.And then he said how about cats.I had to ask his parents if they have any pets.They said NO and don't plan to have any.Than God for that.I get chills every time my mum declares proudly to all of those who are willing to listen that kids love me.Thank you but NO,just NO.
Read more about creepy stuff kids say here.


I also learned to be patient and just leave everything to
whomever/whatever is pulling the strings in this universe.

Sheila said it and we Sheila's know stuff ;)


Best 1rst April's joke ever.I would appreciate it even more if it weren't on me.
My dad was keeping it folded and he gave me a lecture why 
I have to be careful with my money while I calculated in my head what I can buy with it.
Sometimes I really wonder how am I still alive?

100 KM = 50


Despite this dreams-shattering joke I still managed to  do some shopping.I swear God I can't wait for winter to wear this awesome boots which I paid only 5 €.I'm a summer kid and hate rain and snow and being cold but for these beauties I'm willing to make the sacrifice.

I've been looking for "the pirate boots" how I call them,like forever.Some were barely up to my knee,some were so wide at the top that they kept sliding down my legs and some ,God bless them, were so tight that I couldn't put my leg in properly yet alone my leg in jeans.These are perfect and I got them for the price of a bottle of coke.Bravo me.

I got these for free.I'm not a fan of animal print but you 
don't look a gift-horse in the mouth.They're quite the show stoppers.

And then there is make up and jewelry....


 I had all the time of this world to do DIY projects I always wanted to do but didn't have time
 because you know surfing the  internet was much more important.
This is what I've been doing for this past months.



I'm definitely making these too :)


A while ago I bought these glasses and totally forgot I had them.
And than I couldn't remember why in a world did I buy them because they're ugly.
So I decided to color them into a summer-appropriate color.
They're still uglishhhh but at least I had fun coloring them and I still have fun wearing them.

I wanted orange frames at first but then I realized I don't have enough
color to finish it,red was too dark so I opted for the emerald green.


My mum's been pestering me for years to paint some flowers for our living room.
And for years I resisted because I'm not good with colors.Hell I'm not even that good with a pen but still she insisted.Since I had nothing better to do I took to painting.I downloaded Bob Ross's book
The Joy of Painting Flowers and started.First I realized I suck in following instructions.After that I realized it's not a joy at all but fucking torture.
It gets even better.I realised my aunts have an unwritten rule,what one sister has the other three must have it too.Now they all want frikin flowers.To cut the long story short I said that don't have any more colors or paper to paint it.
(yeah I never said those things out loud)

I really thought that I gain some practice while doing the first three.
I was wrong and I eagerly expect my aunt's reaction when she sees these bellow.

This is the third time I paint the flowers.Well none of those I painted
obviously looks the same but  I had the seme reference photo.

Anyway y mum luv's those I did for her so I'm cool as long as I'm
not forced to do more.


I did some portraits too.Guy who commissioned the drawings turned out to be a gigantic
asshole who didn't bother to contact me and say he will not buy them.I wasted my time
for nothing.He even had the audacity to block me on Facebook.Man I wanted to break something,preferably every bone in his body.


I got this cover with my phone.I didn't like it so I've never used it,
until I realized I will have to because every now and then my phone ends up
on the floor/street/some solid surface.So I drew this lady here and dressed my phone in it's new suit.
Better safe than sorry


I've been The Lord of The Rings FAN since it came out and it's probably the only movie
I can watch over and over again without being tired of it.So when I saw this awesome photo
I knew I had to draw it somewhere.My tote bag seemed appropriate.


Oh my God,I frikin loved this shirt the moment I saw it but didn't have money to buy it so I just bought a shirt on a local flea market and decided to draw my own fashion Simpsons.



  1. haha, tek sam iz drugog pokušaja skontala ovo sa sto maraka.

    djeca zaista mogu biti creepy. i svakakva. ovo kažem kao ponosni roditelj :)

    majica sa simpsonima je super, ali kao veliki poštovalac tolkina ipak se opredjeljujem za ovaj crtež na torbi.

    1. Vjeruj mi i meni je trebalo vremena da skontam,al razocarenje ne mogu opisat :D
      Da danasnja djeca su zaista cudna,izmakla kontroli,ne znam kako da ih vise opisem.Ne znam ni koga okrivit vise za to ponasanje :(

      I ja preferiram torbu a svi ostali majicu LOL

  2. Diy projekti su odlični! Majica me oduševila :D

  3. ajme ti si zbilja bila vrijedna :D
    krasne slike, portreti odlični, klinci tiha jeza... ali simpsoni i lotr torba su me oduševili <3
    svrati malo češće da nam pokažeš šta radiš :D

    1. Imala sam puno slobodnog vremena pa sam odlucila da ga utrosim na koristan nacin.
      Hvala na lijepim rijecima i iskreno cu se potrudit da cesce postiram :D

  4. Wow kako si presjajno nacrtala ovu majicu, totalno sam oduševljena!! :))