Monday, November 4, 2013

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New In


Last month was my shopping month.
After a year of shopping abstinence  I finally decided 
to treat myself with some
 interesting and really necessary things.

 Golden Rose,Jolly Jewels 110

I'm a big fan of colored and print pants/leggings.

luv bleached pants...I know I could've made them 
myself but I wanted something I don't have to make myself know what I mean

when the winter is just round the corner I
want to feel warm and cozy...

bags are my weakness...I'm not really a fan of
animal prints but this one really won me over would be surprised to know how many things 
you can put in it
socks & tights
 a Little bit of make up and jewelry

I swore I will not buy another nail polish until I
spend the ones I have...guess what happened when I saw these :D

vintage boots was love on first sight but excellent copy found in a local market
...and something to protect 
my head and my feet
To sum it up,I think I exaggerated
 a bit with shiny sweaters and burgundy color.
But one thing is sure,this shopping really 
made me happy,and broke.
Oh well,money comes and money goes.