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DIY:Trying to draw like Audrey Kawasaki


Ku da su ljudi krvne grupe B nomadi u stalnoj potrazi za promjenom.Kada se ta krvna grupa ukombinuje  sa mojim horoskopskim znakom onda nastupa ludilo.A iz ludila se rađa kreativnost.Da imam normalnu šivaću mašinu mislim da bih doradila svaki komad odjeće koji imam u ormaru.Ali naša kućna mašina jadna jedva stoji.Kad bi je takla imam osjećaj da bi raspala u parpamčad.Tako da se do daljnjeg moram se isključivo osloniti na boje i moje skromno umijeće.Dok sam pregledala svoj "Passion for Fashion" folder nabasam na ovu sliku.

 It is said that people with blood type "B" are nomads in a constant search for a change.Combine that blood type with my zodiac sign and you have madness.And madness bares creativity.If I had a functional sewing machine I think I would redesign every single piece of my wardrobe.But my poor machine is on its last breath and I'm afraid that if I touch it it will fall apart.Until I buy a new one I will have to rely solely on my colors and modest skills.While navigating through my "Passion for Fashion"folder I found this pic.

na kažeš ništa a ustvari kažeš sve 
(you don't say a thing but you actually say everything)

Skontam da bih mogla uraditi nešto slično sa mojom kožnom jaknom.Platila sam je jeftino u ZARI.Nisam je nikada nosila i ne bi mi bilo žao da je upropastim.Nakon nekog vremena (2 min) sam zaključila da jakna nije dovoljno cool da na nju nabacim ovaj natpis,nije vala ni crna nego neke nedefinisane boje a nisam imala ni ovih ziherica u boji.Odbacim prvi plan i bacim se na plan B.Prebacim se u folder "Anime'n Art" u potrazi za slikom koju bi nacrtala na pozadini.Kad tamo mali milion slika.Opet nakon dosta dvoumljenja (3 h) odlučim se za sliku  Audrey Kawasaki.Ja tu ženu zaista obožavam.Brilijantna je umjetnica,orginalna i svaka joj je nova slika ljepša od one prethodne.Ja ko ja uvijek moram malo  usrati stvari pa sam tako umočila rukav u bijelu boju.Vidjela sam to tek kad se boja osušila i nisam je mogla ničim skinut.Jedina mogućnost je bila da osječem rukave.Ali onda nađem ovu sliku i odlučim da ih prebojim.

I realized I could do the same with my leather jacket I bought in ZARA for small money.I never wore it and most likely wouldn't shed a tear if I ruined it in the process.After careful thinking (took me 2 min) I came to a conclusion that  my jacket is not cool enough for that sign,it's not even black and I didn't have any colorful safety pins.So I skipped the plan A and moved to plan B.I switched to "Anime'n Art" folder in order to find a pic I could paint on the back.After extensive thinking (took me 3h) I decided for Audrey Kawasaki.I really adore that woman.She's a brilliant artist and her next painting is always more beautiful than the previous one.
But you know me.I create shit when there's none.Acidentally I dipped one of the sleeves in white paint.As you can guess paint dried and I couldn't take it off.After so much trouble I ralized that I would probably had to cut the sleeves off.But then I found this pic and decided to dye them.


 I tako eto uz manje i veće izmjene ja uspijem prebaciti tu sliku na jaknu.Mogu vam samo reći da sam jako zadovoljna.Hem imam orginalnu jaknu,hem na njoj pise moje ime,sta više da poželim.  

Eventually,after some minor changes I succeeded.I can tell you that I'm really satisfied with the outcome.Gee I have a unique jacket with my name on it,what more can I ask.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

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Ovih dana bi samo spavala,što nema baš smisla jer je lijepo vrijeme vani i sve.Ali kod mene vječito ništa nema smisla i ništa nije normalno pa tako i ovo nije ništa iznenađujuće.

These days I would rather form a long-term relationship with my bed,which doesn't make any sense cause it's sunny outside.But you know me,nothing makes more or less sense in my life so this is nothing new.

Ovih dana sam također i najlijenje biće na planeti.Logično.
Imam obaveza preko glave ali se ne mogu natjerati da ih počnem rješavat.
Možda bi trebali otvoriti ustanovu za odvikavanje od ljenosti.Posao bi im cvjetao. 

These days I'm also the laziest creature on the planet.Logical if you read the first paragraph.I have a packed schedule but I can't make myself to anything.I think somebody should open a clinic for treating laziness.Next year in this time they would be millionairs.


Ovih dana dobila sam i blogo nagradicu od drage Girl stuff i to me eto onako animiralo
pa sam se trgnula iz zimskog sna.

These days I also got a Blog Award from lovely Girl stuff which finnaly 
pierced the bubble of unwillingness around me.

  • Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves 
  • Each blogger should answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
  • Pick eleven new bloggers to award the Liebster award to and link them in your post.
  • Pick eleven new questions for the chosen bloggers.
  • Go to that bloggers page and tell them about the award.
  • No tag-backs

11 Random Fact:

I don't really know what I wrote before when these sort of things came up so I apologize in advance if I repeat myself
  • I adore owls and monkeys.One day I may just buy,steal,borrow (and never  return),smuggle or acquire by any means legal or illegal one of those animals.If you ever hear "hoot hoot" or "ooh-ooh-ooh-eee-eee" somewhere from inside your building that means I'm your neighbor :D
  • I adore anime hence the name of my blog (never wrote of any of those I watched but I'm planning to get to it in days to come)
  • In high school I wore all black and I kept asking my friend do I look fat (black stain of my past)
  • My all time favorite EDT is Tom Tailor-Body Talk.I have a stock of it to last for at least five years
  • I want bleach white hair and a lot of chalks to dye its ends (google hair chalking in case you're interested in what I'm talking about)
  • I'm a Sims addict
  • When I read a book or watch a movie I get that strong impulse to act some memorable scenes on my own and before I realize it I start talking to myself and doing crazy movements all around the house.Luckily most of the time I'm home alone so there' no big harm there
  • Only modern music I listen is KPOP
  • I look forward to zombie apocalypse
  • My family often thinks and  frequently says how they're convinced I was replaced at birth....I,almost always,agree
  • I'm clumsy and often do and say silly things in public
11 Questions From Girl stuff:

  1. What is your favorite nail polish? (It's Rapsodi 351)
  2. What is your favorite color? (I love all colors)
  3. What is zodiac sign of you and your best friend? (Mine is Leo,my BFF-s is Libra...which is kind of ironical cause my mum is also Libra and somehow I don't get along so good with her )
  4. What is the piece of cloth that you wear the most during spring? (White t-shirts with cool prints)
  5. In what do you feel comfortable the most? (My DIY sneakers)
  6. What is your favorite person in the world? Why? (I don't have such person...Sure there are people who are dear to me but I don't favor anyone)
  7. What is your favorite famous person? Why? (I admire Tolkien because of his imagination and ability to provide extensive details,create catching characters and  tie all loose ends in his books.I will always be a fan of Lord of The Rings.)
  8. What is your favorite animal?(Owl)
  9. Where are you from?(BIH/Venus)
  10. Where would you like to live?(South Korea)
  11. What is your idea of perfect holiday?(Any holiday which allows me to leave my town or this country is a perfect holiday )

 11 Questions For My Nominated Bloggers

  1. Whasssssuuuupppppp?
  2. Whats your first memory?
  3. If you could time travel where would you go and why?
  4. If you were reincarnated as an animal/drink/ice cream flavor, what would it be?
  5. If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?
  6. What songs are included on the soundtrack of your life?
  7. Every woman wants a man/woman who.....?
  8. If you could ask one person living or dead 3 questions who would the person be and what would be the questions?
  9. What was the last movie, TV show or book that made you cry or piss your pants?
  10. Do you remember the first blog you've read?
  11. We all know that our life is 50 % our own doing and 50 % someone elses'.If you had a chance to write a script for your own life from the birth till your death what would it look like? 

Yeah you can hate me as much as you want 
but I'm looking forward to reading your answers


 Ovih dana sam se bacila i na DIY projekat pa evo mali preview za sve vas
(oni koji su vidjeli znate vec gdje SHHHHH) 

These days I started a DIY project so here's a little preview
(to those of you who already saw it you know where SHHHH)


Monday, April 1, 2013

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April Fools' Day


Zove mene jutros prijateljica i govori da je otkazala svadbu radi tog i tog.Naravno ljudi se imaju pravo predomislit ali ne po drugi put u životu i ne kada su pripreme već u tijeku.Još me je sedmicama mučila sa odabirom vjenčanice i sa onim "misliš da mi dobro stoji".Damn.Htjela sam je prozvat "odbjegla nevjesta" al mi se ne dade.A onda mi je odjednom zavrištala na slušalicu "Aprililiiiii".Jaro to nije smiješno al nimalo.
Davno nekad sam za prvi aprila bila metom raznih smicalica od onih glupih pa do onih koje uključuju vodu i brašno.Ali nikada neću zaboraviti kada me BFF-ica nasamarila i to poštenski.Nekad,kad smo bile onako baš zadrti fanovi Gospodara Prstenova odlučimo mi napisati pismo Orlandu aka Legolasu.Nadrobili smo mi tu svakakvih gluposti,zapečatile kovertu,poslale pismo i zaboravile na isto.Onda jednog lijepog 1.aprila zove ona mene i pita sjećam li se tog pisma.Sva sretna je uzviknula da nam je Orlando odgovorio,možeš mislit.Od sreće sam zaboravila kako se zovem a kamoli koji je datum.Naravno posle mi je bilo krivo što me nasamarila a i što nam Orlando nije odgovorio.Sjetim se toga svakog 1.aprila i bude mi simpatično.
Imate li vi kakvih simpatičnih dogodovštvina vezanih za ovaj dan?


My friend called me this morning to tell me that she cancelled her wedding.I guess people have the right to change their minds but not for the second time and not when preparations were already made.Not to mention how she tortured me for weeks with the weeding dress selection and that annoying question "do I look good in this".Damn.I wanted to brand her as a "runaway bride" but before I came around to do so,she screamed "happy fools day" in my ear.Dude that's so not funny.
I was a target of stupid pranks and pranks including flour and water more than once.But I will never forget how my BFF tricked me.It happened when we were obsessive LOTR fans.We decided to write a letter to Orlando Bloom.We put a lot of nonsensical stuff in it,sealed it,sent it and forgot all about it.Than one sunny April's day my BFF called and asked me whether I remember the letter.Thrilled to bits she told me that he wrote back.In a second I forgot my name yet alone the date.Of course I was a bit angry because of her prank and because Orlando never responded to our letter.Thank God he didn't.
Do you have any Fools' Day experiences to share?