November Was Not That Awesome


 It was awesome my ass.
This November can be summed up to.....
weird,uneventful,boring,weird again,tiresome,sick,no energy,boring,cold,work,crappy people,boring,boring,boring,cooooold......
When I think better,my whole year was pretty much like this.
Here's a why my November sucked...

Winter.My personal hell.My bones are freezing,
I'm shaking all over and my hands and feet are so cold 
that one day people will mistake me for a snowman.
I feel like I'm seventy something.I wonder what will happen to me 
when I really turn seventy something?
Goddammit you people,hurry with that teleporter.
I need a fast evacuation to Hawaii.  

When we speak about moving,another planet will do.
There's a serious disease outbreak here on Earth
and I think this time it will wipe out the whole planet.
 Shame,I was really looking forward to zombie apocalypse.
Walking dead would be much easier to deal with.
...and they don't talk... 
You wouldn't believe the amount of fine's and whatever's I heard last month.
We know it doesn't mean what dictionary says it means.
  Most of it was spoken to me by men. I was pissed to endless limits.If I hear 
these two in my presence anytime soon somebody will die.


Damn the universe.I start of nicely and then
 there is suddenly Mount Everest and Kilimanjaro on
my perfectly straight path. None of my plans came to fruition.

I was forced to visit my relatives and stay for a few days.
Nasty business I tell ya,those family gatherings.
Anyway,one of my third-knee-twice-removed cousins
 asked me why am I so quiet. It's unlike me to keep my mouth shut.
Duh,I always keep my mouth shut when I'm around you
 cause everything I say can cause a third world war.
How can you not know that? And why do you insist on calling me a kid 
when I'm older than your children and you call them by their birth names.
   Fuck, I'm 26 and so tired of that crap.

One of the inevitable questions is the one about my future plans.
 It doesn't really matter that you speak to my mother almost every week 
and that you already know I don't have any future plans but still you ask.
I don't know what I want to do with my life in the future 
but I do know what I want to do to you right now.


Love! It's not working for me, nope.
Enough said.


I managed to surprise myself by drawing a girl 
whose face is barely visible in the photograph.

 Honestly I told the guy that I'm not sure I can pull it off but I will try.
I succeeded, he liked it and thanks to that portrait 
I got three more commissions.
One done,two more to go.... 


...I do...and
I do...

  I bought sequin shorts and  faux leather leggings which I
planned to wear for Christmas and New Years Eve.
Funny thing is that in my head both outfits looked amazing. Reality, however, was very different.
They were really cheap, like milk-and-bread-put together cheap. 
Looks nice in pictures though.

This cape,which reminds me of the old Sherlock Holmes,
is a dream come true.God,I love ZARA at sale's time.
Course,I'll have to wait next year to wear it but who cares 
I can still parade in it at home.It's that awesome.

a bit of accessories...


When we are at Sherlock Holmes,I suggest you watch the BBC version 
with Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch.I love them both and I can't wait to see Hobbit.
Another show I wholheartedly recommend is North & South with Richard Armitage 
aka Thorin Oakenshield.
 I watched new Thor movie in cinema.I liked it a lot.I liked Tom Hiddleston even more. 
Hell I'm crazy about him.I'm writing this post and suddenly,bam, 
he's in a commercial for a movie festival.
It's a sign I tell you. I liked tall,dark and handsome guys
but now it's all about tall,handsome and gentleman. a well-made suit



...wet and adorable



...abs on display


...artistic and broody

 ...devil in disguise 

...well-read leather,again need of a hug

...OMG,receiving that hug
(can't wait to watch this movie)

 ...his hands @_@ a uniform  

...hips don't lie
(I recommend watching his interview on Chatty Man.
I laughed so much,especially at the eight-legged horse part.)

...bad-assery at work


...with pleasure 

...nooo I wouldnt,
 ...something for the end

  I send kisses to all my lovely girls here 
and I hope you find the right man to love.
To those of you who found him,


pictures borrowed from livinginhiddlesland


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