Tape Files No.1


Sometime between primary school and high school my world was very limited.
Having internet was just a wishful thinking for me.
It wasn't so long ago but yeah I lived without it.I borrowed books from the library,watched movies on DVD's,listened music on CDs and read about rich and famous in newspapers.All that required a certain amount of money which took some time to collect.But that's how I learned about life,about what I liked,what I wanted to wear,which places I wanted to visit and finally what I wanted to be.All that tiny bits and pieces of paper ended up tapped in a big fat notebook which I mentioned in  this blog post.

So here it is,bits of my life before internet...
Quality of images is poor.Some images are old and some very recent.In some of these
I wouldn't be be seen dead but back then it was beautiful.

Tape Files No.1

love the cameo bracelet <3

"House of Flying Daggers" is one of my favorite movie.It has all:beautiful character,
compelling story,historical background and some pretty awesome action moves
 I wouldn't mind learning.
Did I mention it has beautiful characters....oh yes I have,sorry:)

Jessica Alba...need I say more
(couldn't find the exact original image but this one is from the same editorial)

I never liked Rhianna but I did and do like her bob :D

cute dress :D

Darn,I totally forgot about this guy....original image here
If you did too I will remnid you this eye candy played in
The Crow,Crying Freeman and Brotherhood of the Wolf
(top 3 on a must-watch-again list) and many others...

This was a poster which I "borrowed" form my cousin and caused
her a nervous breakdown.She wanted to tear my head off and
 it was completely justifiable reaction.
I really thought she will never notice...what a silly kid I was.
And look at his tapped face huh...shame about the body too....
(see full image here)

you are seeing burgundy pants,
just in case you are wondering

loved her make up and a tiny nose and full lips
and her eyebrows (wanted to be her when I grow up)...
I hated hair,it was just a no go 

You can expect Tape Files No.2 next Wednesday


I realized that I never posted some of my finished commissions so
here is one I did for a guy from Banja Luka.


  1. Ja i dalje seckam slike iz casopisa i lepim u jedan svoj rokovnik.. :D A poslednja slika, wow!

    1. Ja sam eto vidis to prestala raditit,ali moram priznat da sam u velikom iskusenju da pocnem ponovo :)

  2. Savršeno! :)
    Ja sam istu stvar radila samo sam nažalost većinu tih isječaka izgubila, a bilo bi ih baš zanimljivo vidjeti sad nakon sto godina :)

    1. Zao mi je sto ih nisi sacuvala,ja bih jako voljela vidjeti evoluciju kroz koju si prosla.Mislim da bi to bilo jako zanimljiva retrospektiva