Tape Files No. 2


Today I just don't feel like doing anything
yet alone writing.It's that time of the month
and the only period I can release everything
bad,rotten,uncivilized and disappointing from my system
and blame it on hormones.Huray!

It's been a while since I last
heard this song but time only made it more truthful

Ok,time for my tape files....
Today I'm sharing with you my
  love toward castles,ruins,abandoned and decayed buildings
or any other uninhabitable places which preferably and usually
abound with ghosts.
I'm already in Halloween spirit :D

Frankenstein’s Castle in Darmstadt

Frankenstein Castle was the residence of the Counts of Hesse Darmstadt. The castle itself has worldwide popularity because of the Mary Shelley novel. Writer was staying in this castle just one night and dreamed of the future hero of the novel.If you want to know more read it here.
And if you haven't checked out the trailer for new "I,Frankenstein" movie do it now.
I have to tell you that Aron Eckhart is one smokin hot monster.

.....eerie,spooky and supposedly hunted

  a model reconstruction

Glamis Castle,Scotland
It is another equally captivating monument with monsters of its own.The most famous legend connected of the castle is that of a hideously deformed child born to the family.The monster was kept in the castle all his life and his suite of rooms bricked up after his death. An alternative version of the legend is that to every generation of the family a vampire child is born and is walled up in that room.

It's not hunted,so they say, and nothing weird has ever happened in it,yet,
but one thing is sure IT'S BEAUTIFUL.

Here we have the  Crom Castle, Mont Saint-Michel
and apparently somebody's house...

Mont Saint-Michel is a an island in Normandy,France,with a diverse history and purpose.
 It's picturesque past includes different conquerors and archangels,hence the name.
The Romanesque church which is towering the surrounding buildings 
was designed by William de Volpiano,the Italian archictect.
He cleverly built many underground crypts and chapels
 to compensate for the weight of the church.These formed the basis for 
the supportive upward structure that can be seen today. 

The magnificent dark structure of Crom Castle in Ireland was built by
 Edward Blore in a Tudor-Gothic romantic style in 1840.The existing castle remains in the hands of the Crichton family,now Lord and Lady Erne.There has been a substantial number of 
ghost sightings or claims of such,but nothing has ever been proved.

Château de Chambord was built for François I.
With elaborate rooftop of 800 sculpted columns and over 440 rooms and 85 staircases,it is the largest château in the Loire Valley.The construction of this finest examples of the Renaissance architecture in France lasted over 30 years.And it was only a hunting lodge.

Lincoln castle is a historical monument that I found interesting for some reason.
I've never heard of it before or knew anything about it's past.
The only thing that attracted me were the round towers
I always associated with castles.But boy his history is interesting.
To cut the long story short,this castle is a home to
only surviving copy of Magna Carta.

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check it here



  1. Eerie, spooky, Crom <3 'Ocu da se preselim tamo :)

    1. Super onda mozemo biti cimeri i ja se mislim selit tamo :D

  2. Joooj voljela bi ih sve posjetiti :))) obožavam dvorce, nikad me neće prestati fascinirati!

    1. I ja ih obozavam,narocito bi volila posjetiti one u Skotskoj jer su definitivno jedinstveni.

  3. obožavam takva mjesta..nadam se da ću i Britanske dvorce obići uskoro jer sam u većini Europskih bila, ne propustim priliku ni na jednom putovanju da se iznova sjebem koliko u nekim dvorcima ima raskoši mada su i meni uvijek zanimljiviji ovi sa creepy legendama.

    1. Jao zavidim ti.Ja bih tako volila posjrtiti neki dvorac i vidjet svu tu raskos.Jos kad bi srela kakvu utvaricu mojoj sreci ne bi bilo kraja.Ali bit ce i to ima vremena.A ti ako budes posjetila koji u buducnosti,obavezno postiraj slike :D

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