Hair Adventure by Mary


Time came for me to host a guest here on my blog.
She is a great person,brilliant artist,quirky and unique.
She acts a little crazy from time to time and 
talks funny most of the time 
but that's why I like her and that's why she's one of my closest friends.
Today she decided to share her little adventure with you.


 Hair Mask Adventure

Let me tell you a story about how I ended up with bananas in my hair.
Like most girls, there was always something about my hair that I didn't quite like. It was too dry, too oily, too damaged or too frizzy. Sometimes it was all of those things at once, with a little sprinkle of dandruff and static electricity that made it cling to anything and anyone in its path. I've had it stick to chairs, bus windows, my face and even other people's faces, and let me tell you that ‘awkward’ is an understatement for those situations.

Luckily, using shampoos, hair conditioners and whatnot, I managed to get rid of dandruff and oily scalp, but the dryness always persisted as did the split ends that seemed to come back days after I get a haircut.
So, like most people who have any kind of problem, I turned to my good friend called Google and asked him for some help.

After a very short search I came across other girls with the same problems who managed to get them under control by using DIY hair masks. I found a few different recipes and decided to try one that I already had all the ingredients for. Bananas, oil, milk and honey… OK, sounds easy enough.

Now let me tell you something, and read this carefully 'cause I’ll say it only once. Whenever you read a post/article or watch a video related to anything DIY, if the person says: ‘Do this/ Don’t do that. Trust me.’ You better believe they aren’t saying it just because they feel like it. TRUST ME! You'll find out why in a minute.

So, I take all the ingredients and start mashing it all with a fork. Now the girl said something along the lines of: “You can do it the lazy man’s way…” DONE! I don’t even need to listen to you anymore. Of course I’m doing it the lazy man’s way, because… FUCK! Why not?
So, I mash that crap up as best as I can and I’m off to the bathroom to smear it all over my head. At least I didn’t skip the part where she said to do it above the sink ‘cause it’s messy. It saved me a lot of cleanup. When I finished applying it to my hair, I wrapped my head in a plastic bag and went to have lunch ‘cause the mask has to stay on for a while.

Once my belly was full, I decide it’s time to wash the mask out. Now, the girl said you’d need to rinse it out a few times so I did. I shampooed twice, rinsed it out once more and I thought I was done. I go to the mirror and what do I see? Banana gunk tangled all up in there! And then I recalled the video, specifically the part I wasn’t paying attention to. “You could do it the lazy man’s way… but I suggest using the blender to mix it all thoroughly, because TRUST ME, you don’t want banana chunks in your hair.”

After hitting my head against the wall a few times I realized that I'd have to clean my hair up chunk by chunk, because I really did not want banana chunks in my hair. I took a fine-tooth comb and I started combing through my hair all the while keeping my head in the sink under running water. By this time I had already used up all the warm water in the boiler so I decided I’d just finish it up in the sink.
Comb through, look in the mirror, comb through, look in the mirror. I ended up spending almost an hour doing this over and over again, until I finally managed to comb all of the gunk out of my hair. Curse words were uttered on more than one occasion at the banana chunks in my hair, at the comb that kept pulling on my hair as I tried to get rid of the knots, and at the girl in the mirror ‘cause she’s a lazy ass and doesn’t listen when she should. So, I finally finish up, wrap my hair in a towel and right then decide to never EVER try anything like that again.

Believe it or not, something surprising happened after I cooled down.

The mask actually did what it was supposed to do. I could run my fingers through my hair without actually ripping out pieces of my scalp in the process. It wasn’t as frizzy as before, it fell down my shoulders nicely without sticking in every direction. It’s so easy to comb through now, and there aren’t any knots in it. It also has a lot more shine, and I swear I feel like even the color is a bit more vivid than it used to be. I can’t stop touching it.

All of my rage disappeared after I saw that it actually worked, and I’m really satisfied with the results. Basically, I could compare this mask to any good store bought regenerator. I definitely recommend trying it out. I’m not saying it’s gonna work on everyone. We all have different hair types, but if you’re someone who uses hair products to minimize frizz, boost shine or just to comb through it easier, I suggest giving this a try, you might like it and end up saving money. 

To wrap this adventure up I leave you with my before and after photos and the tutorial I made so you can save it and find it easier on your PC.

Good luck, and do give feedback if you try this. Just remember to use a blender… trust me.



  1. Mary Mary, what a funny story!!! I actually did try this home recipe like a millions of years ago, and same shit happened to me! As an excuse, I don't own a blender so I wasn't lazy to put it in there, but! OMG! Banana is so slimy! I also spend a considerable amount of time trying to get it out!

    Your hair is super pretty :)