Anime Girl Playing a Nerd

Lately my computer has been experiencing serious health problems.It's no wonder,considering the amount of photos,music,books,movies and other stuff I have on it.Since I wouldn't be able to survive a day without my laptop or the internet,I decided to play a good Samaritarian and clean the poor bastard.My knowledge about programing may be limited but when it comes to cleaning,let's just say I'm really good at it.I armed myself with patience and started with a disk cleanup,then checked all hidden files and  folders,deleted temporary and recently used files,fixed system errors,scanned it with ComputerRepairFree and CCleaner and finally did the defragmentation.Now it's as good as new and I didn't crashed my system in the process :)

Thank you Google!

Since I easily get attached to everything,there was a lot of stuff I couldn't really delete straight away.That's why I decided to put them here first and than delete them (my own photos included).
 I'm sure all of you experienced that hateful moment when you have to ask other people to photograph you,sometimes more than once...or twice.When I find that willing individual I will stop taking photos of myself,in the elevator.

 This is not my Halloween costume,it was taken in March.The reason I'm dressed 
 like a nerd was my exam.What can I tell you,dressing smarter makes you fell smarter.

                                                      back to October,present day and time...
Did I mention how I love socks.I love them as colorful as possible and I just couldn't resist these cute heart socks or these orange-purple ones.I also found the collar necklace I saw here and this pointy bracelet which,kind of, makes me fell like a bad ass every time I wear it.

I totally wasted my money on this Nivea clear-up strips for blackheads.I'm either incredibly clumsy or just incredibly unlucky because I followed all the instructions to the letter and nothing happened.
The blackheads,whiteheads in my case,remained firmly where they were.
Next time I'm trying homemade Egg White mask for blackheads,it's cheaper.

                                                           for the end...don't worry,be happy,
                                                             laugh out loud and sing along ;)


  1. Tako to biva kada se cisti racunar.
    BTW, spot...opet ovaj idiot i ja opet oplakah! :D

  2. znam,sve znam hajd što oplačeš neg podereš i grlo dok ispjevaš

  3. Dobra si ti s računarima, za mene je to level majstor. Kod mene sve to rješavaju braća informatičari :)
    Dobra ti je kombinacija skroz, cipelice su baš kjut.
    Btw, gdje si našla taj collar) Predobar mi je?

    1. Ma zaštopo komp skroz na skroz i ja na google da se informišem malo i eto sad sama rješavam probleme,a collar sam sasvim neočekivano našla kod nas na pijaci.S obzirom kakave su cijene na netu ova je bila super jeftina