Anime Girl on a Ghost Hunt

In my last post I wrote about karma and past lives.These topics are still controversial and people receive it with a certain dose of skepticism.I know it's not everybody's cup of tea.Those who were interested to know what they were in their past lives completed my tests and got some really  interesting results.All for the fun :) 
This new post is also inspired by Halloween.Just for the record I don't dabble in this stuff anymore,not since I watched The Exorcist and other movies with similar topics.Atop of that,I'm a religious person and I grew up,so these kinds of things just don't appeal to me anymore.Actually they do but I'm a chickenish coward and don't dare to try it again.I used to do it as a kid in my friends birthdays.Beside some improvised voices and a scream here and there,nothing ever happened.It was just the thrill of the game.We also entered buildings which ware supposedly hunted to prove our courage.I now believe that we were incredibly lucky for not seeing anything,otherwise we would have trauma for life.I'm still afraid of the dark but it could've been worse.

 a present from a widowed neighbor

how I summoned ghosts in primary school 
(You pin the ghosts heart with a needle.Thread must be longer and you have to hold the tip with your finger and keep it still.Then you just call the ghost.If the ghost is present the needle in the heart will move on the letters or numbers)

        in high school I discovered Ouija board
It's also known as a spirit board or talking board.Board is flat  and marked with the letters of the alphabet, numbers, and the words "yes", "no", "hello" and "goodbye".It uses a planchette (small heart-shaped piece of wood) or movable indicator to indicate the spirit's message by spelling it out on the board during a séance. Participants place their fingers on the planchette and it is moved about the board to spell out words.This board is a tricky stuff. Religious criticism expressed beliefs that the Ouija board reveals information which should only be on God's hands, and thus it is a tool of Satan.We drew our own and used glass as a planchette.

I honestly planned not to do something similar ever again.Not sober anyway.Then one day my BFF broke up with her long-time boyfriend.As a good friend course I went to comfort her.She drank and cried because she was sad and I drank and cried for no particular reason.I was neither happy nor sad,nor in a mood to drink but I did anyway.In the midst of our alcohol daze she suggested we should summon ghosts to tell us our future.Ghost,you don't say!
For telling future you go to a gypsy or other crapy person,who supposedly knows something about you you don't know.You don't summon ghosts for that.Anyway we drew the board,lit the candles and covered the mirrors.I actually remember that part and the part where I burned a hole in my scarf when I leaned over the candle.I could as well burn myself whole and the only thing I would say was oh,fire in a slow motion voice.As you see I survived,had a master headache in the morning,a burned scarf and a sour taste in my mouth.I still wear that patched scarf as a reminder why you should never drink and summon ghosts.Usually I would say all is well if it ends well.But the story with my BFF and ghosts doesn't really end there.

It got it's sequel in May when we decided to celebrate The Labor's Day in BFF's vacation house.The house itself is located in a remote place (vacation houses usually are) and you had to climb the hill in order to get to it.That was the first thing I hadn't anticipated.The second thing were the cemeteries we had to pass on our way up.The Catholic cemetery conveniently had a sidewalk built right next to it.You could either walk that way or risk bing hit by the car in the open road.Not far from the first one were the Muslim and the old Jewish cemetery,placed on both sides of the road,across each other.
No sane person would ever willingly pass that road by night.I don't understand why we did.When sometimes between 2 a.m the power generator died,we could've stayed and spend the night in the house.Naturally we,the Idiots,chose to go home.BFF was crashing at my place.None of us remembered what lies ahead,until we saw the cemeteries.To say that we were scarred would be a serious understatement.
How we passed it was the funny part.We covered our eyes with our hands,leaving just enough space to see the patch of the road in front us.We didn't dare to look left or right.We blindly took photos with the camera behind us,around us,above us just to make sure there is no blurry stuff or anything weird anywhere near.Moving inch by inch we passed all three graveyards,and got home safely.Well we were on the edge of our nerves but still safe.When we transferred photos on the PC we saw...well I don't really know what.
 According to some these white balls are believed to be the souls of the deceased and they are called the orbs.Whether these balls are souls or just specks of dust doesn't really matter.
This is the experience I'm not planning to repeat anytime soon.
There is no more escapades in the spiritual world as far as I'm concerned.

a lot of  tombstones for two unprepared ghost hunters

       photos taken by pros (ghost hunters)
         at Bethlehem Cemetery

 P.S If you still plan to watch ghost movies I would recommend Ghostbusters,Ghost (with Demi Moore,Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg) and Thirteen Ghosts (scary but awesome).I would skip The Exorcist and The Paranormal Activity if I were you,they are really disturbing.



  1. Holy shit, sad kad sam ovo pročitala sjetila sam se kako smo na faksu dvije prijateljice i ja prizivale duhove, nasreću u njihovom stanu :).
    Voljela bih da ovo nisam čitala prije spavanja :(, ja sam strašljiva, nisam kao ti.

    1. Ja krenula napisati. Ionako imam problema sa snom. :/
      Ja sam prizivala duh Kurta Cobaina preko slike sa postera. I to na engleskom. ahahahahah. U svoju odbranu, imala sam 14 godina. :D

    2. Haha Kurt Cobain...kak se ja nisam toga sjetila a jos slusala Nirvanu,orginalna si stvarno :)

  2. Haha nisam ni ja strašljiva kad sam u društvu,al onda dodjem u prazan stan,odjednom se jstim nekih stvari i na kraju spavam sa uplaljenim svjetlom

  3. Ja se drzim citata iz vrane. Graveyards...safest place on earth. Osim u Zombi slucajevima. E, onda si... :D

    1. Dobra,a joj u slucaju zombi apokalipse safaest place on earth will be a spaceship or any kind of ship,bas me intereujue mogul zombiji preko vode :)

  4. Wow you guys sure are brave. I would never dare to do such a thing. The last time I walked in an absolute darkness was with my school. We went to camp in the mountain and the only restaurant was located 20 minutes by foot. For some reason, the school bus just brought us there and the driver drove the bus away. So we walked (the whole class + teachers) in an absolute dark road, relaying only on moonlight to guide us back. It was a pretty fun experience. I still remember we were all girls (girl school) and we were like "Ohhh look at the moon". Maybe because the teachers who were with us were super chill but we weren't afraid at all. At the cabins in the middle of nowhere, the teachers made us play tags in dark next to the woods. Like LOL WHAT? All you hear is girls screaming and laughing. Whoever smart enough to bring torchlight easily caught those who were running around blindly. It was fun as hell. The teacher is super cool. He even told us scary stories and scared us witless. Genius.

  5. LOL you had so much fun.I want to play tag like that.We never had techers like that.Our were grumpy and old,a biblical type of old.You were scared just by looking at them :)

  6. Jao Egzorcist, nikad ga više ne bi gledala, umrla sam od straha :))

  7. Joj znam,i ja sam bila prestravljena.To je zasigurno jedini film koji me posteno isprepadao i kojeg nikad vise ne bi gledala ni da mi ko plati