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Wicked Witch of the West

I think that all women are witches,
in the sense that a witch is a magical being.
—Yoko Ono

This is my last Halloween post cause you know it's Halloween,our favorite time of the year.Instead of preparing for that pagan event,as my mum calls it I'm sitting here and mopping because  I don't have a costume.And as it happens I wont get one because the essential part of it wasn't delivered,crazy black n'white stripped leggings.Apparently they are  out of stock.It only took them three weeks to tell me that.Fuck it.That's how my awesome plan to mask myself as Beetlejuice failed.

 Ovo je zadnji post posvećen Halloweenu jer....danas je Halloween.Umjesto da se pripremam za obilježavanje tog paganskog događaja,kako ga moja mati zove,ja sjedim i jadikujem jer nemam kostim.I najvjerovatnije ga neću ni imati jer mu nedoataje glavni dio,lude tajice na pruge.Čikama sa online portala je trbebalo samo tri sedmice da mi jave da ih nemaju vise u zalihama.Zato ujedno sto jadikujem,jebakam  im i sve po spisku.Propade mi plan da budem ženska verzija Beetlejuicea.

I'll just makeup my face instead and wear black clothes.I found this tutorial and I'm gonna try to pull it off.I even made a headband with ears  on it before this disaster happened.I've used ears from my old disfigured teddy bear.It came quite handy in this situation when all my sources of ideas have dried out will just have to do.Feel free to use this tutorial if you want....

Na kraju ću samo išarat lice i obuc crno.Našla sam ovaj extra tutorijal pa ću pokušat izvest neku svoju verziju.Prije nego što se ovo sranje sa helankama desilo napravila sam sebi rajf sa medvjeđim ušima.Osakatila sam svog starog mecu koji je ionako bio na samrti.Dobro mi došlo sad kad sam iscrpila sve ideje.Slobodno iskoristite tutorijal ako želite,odličan je....

Back to the topic.It would be pointless to talk about Halloween and not to mention my favorite ladies.And not just mine.They are a constant source of inspiration to world famous writers and movie makers.Through history they were branded as devil servants and worshipers and henceforth  were torutred  and killed.Just remember the Selme's Witch Trials.I never saw them as old evil ladies.To me they rocked,especially those two from the Snow White and the Sleeping Beauty.They were the ladies who just fought with all the means necessary to get what they want.Too bad they didn't get it after all. I always tough that Snow White was stupid for taking  things from strangers when all mums keep repeating to us not to take anything from unknown people. I forgot that her mum died.I was an unconventional kid so give me a break.I didn't like  The Blair Witch Project either.It was a movie with bunch of peple running around with cameras chasing their own shadows.I have to mention that scene where you could see sweat on a girls  face and hairs in her nose.Gross.From the whole movie I only saw a witch in the title.
For today I recommend my favorite witch related movies:

Nazad na temu.Bilo bi besmisleno pričati o Noći Vještica a ne pomenuti same vještice,moje omiljene dame.One su neiscrpan izovr inspiracije brojnim svjetski poznatim piscima i scenarisitma.Kroz historiju su obilježene kao đavolji štovatelji i sluge,pa su zbog toga bile mučene i spaljivane na lomačama.Sjetite se Salema i tamošnjih suđenja.Uglavnom meni nikad nisu bile mrske.Za mene su one bile te koje vladaju svemirom.Više su me iritirale Snježana i Trnoružica nego one njohove divej vještice.One su samo nastojale da dođu do svog cilja.Šteta što nisu uspjele.Snježana mi je bilo posebno glupa jer je uzimala svašta od kojekavih stranaca,a svima nama mamae uporno onvlju da to ne radimo.Smetnula sam sa uma da je njena mati rahmetli.Popustite me,bila sam čudno dijete pa hajd.Vještica iz Blaira mi je posebno išla na živce.Samo si mogao vidjet ljude kako trčkaraju uokolo ganjajući sami sebe.I moram spomenut onu odvratnu scenu kad curi ide znoj na lice i vide joj se dlake u nosu.Odvratno.Vješticu sam od cijelog filma vidjela jedino u naslovu.
Evo mojih preporuka za ovaj dan: Season Of The Witch (a must see for all witch fans),Practical Magic and Hansel and Gretel.

C.S.Lewis once said  "Someday you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again."
 Until that happens you can just watch your favorite fairy tales on screen.

Happy Halloween guys,have fun!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

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Anime Girl on a Ghost Hunt

In my last post I wrote about karma and past lives.These topics are still controversial and people receive it with a certain dose of skepticism.I know it's not everybody's cup of tea.Those who were interested to know what they were in their past lives completed my tests and got some really  interesting results.All for the fun :) 
This new post is also inspired by Halloween.Just for the record I don't dabble in this stuff anymore,not since I watched The Exorcist and other movies with similar topics.Atop of that,I'm a religious person and I grew up,so these kinds of things just don't appeal to me anymore.Actually they do but I'm a chickenish coward and don't dare to try it again.I used to do it as a kid in my friends birthdays.Beside some improvised voices and a scream here and there,nothing ever happened.It was just the thrill of the game.We also entered buildings which ware supposedly hunted to prove our courage.I now believe that we were incredibly lucky for not seeing anything,otherwise we would have trauma for life.I'm still afraid of the dark but it could've been worse.

 a present from a widowed neighbor

how I summoned ghosts in primary school 
(You pin the ghosts heart with a needle.Thread must be longer and you have to hold the tip with your finger and keep it still.Then you just call the ghost.If the ghost is present the needle in the heart will move on the letters or numbers)

        in high school I discovered Ouija board
It's also known as a spirit board or talking board.Board is flat  and marked with the letters of the alphabet, numbers, and the words "yes", "no", "hello" and "goodbye".It uses a planchette (small heart-shaped piece of wood) or movable indicator to indicate the spirit's message by spelling it out on the board during a séance. Participants place their fingers on the planchette and it is moved about the board to spell out words.This board is a tricky stuff. Religious criticism expressed beliefs that the Ouija board reveals information which should only be on God's hands, and thus it is a tool of Satan.We drew our own and used glass as a planchette.

I honestly planned not to do something similar ever again.Not sober anyway.Then one day my BFF broke up with her long-time boyfriend.As a good friend course I went to comfort her.She drank and cried because she was sad and I drank and cried for no particular reason.I was neither happy nor sad,nor in a mood to drink but I did anyway.In the midst of our alcohol daze she suggested we should summon ghosts to tell us our future.Ghost,you don't say!
For telling future you go to a gypsy or other crapy person,who supposedly knows something about you you don't know.You don't summon ghosts for that.Anyway we drew the board,lit the candles and covered the mirrors.I actually remember that part and the part where I burned a hole in my scarf when I leaned over the candle.I could as well burn myself whole and the only thing I would say was oh,fire in a slow motion voice.As you see I survived,had a master headache in the morning,a burned scarf and a sour taste in my mouth.I still wear that patched scarf as a reminder why you should never drink and summon ghosts.Usually I would say all is well if it ends well.But the story with my BFF and ghosts doesn't really end there.

It got it's sequel in May when we decided to celebrate The Labor's Day in BFF's vacation house.The house itself is located in a remote place (vacation houses usually are) and you had to climb the hill in order to get to it.That was the first thing I hadn't anticipated.The second thing were the cemeteries we had to pass on our way up.The Catholic cemetery conveniently had a sidewalk built right next to it.You could either walk that way or risk bing hit by the car in the open road.Not far from the first one were the Muslim and the old Jewish cemetery,placed on both sides of the road,across each other.
No sane person would ever willingly pass that road by night.I don't understand why we did.When sometimes between 2 a.m the power generator died,we could've stayed and spend the night in the house.Naturally we,the Idiots,chose to go home.BFF was crashing at my place.None of us remembered what lies ahead,until we saw the cemeteries.To say that we were scarred would be a serious understatement.
How we passed it was the funny part.We covered our eyes with our hands,leaving just enough space to see the patch of the road in front us.We didn't dare to look left or right.We blindly took photos with the camera behind us,around us,above us just to make sure there is no blurry stuff or anything weird anywhere near.Moving inch by inch we passed all three graveyards,and got home safely.Well we were on the edge of our nerves but still safe.When we transferred photos on the PC we saw...well I don't really know what.
 According to some these white balls are believed to be the souls of the deceased and they are called the orbs.Whether these balls are souls or just specks of dust doesn't really matter.
This is the experience I'm not planning to repeat anytime soon.
There is no more escapades in the spiritual world as far as I'm concerned.

a lot of  tombstones for two unprepared ghost hunters

       photos taken by pros (ghost hunters)
         at Bethlehem Cemetery

 P.S If you still plan to watch ghost movies I would recommend Ghostbusters,Ghost (with Demi Moore,Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg) and Thirteen Ghosts (scary but awesome).I would skip The Exorcist and The Paranormal Activity if I were you,they are really disturbing.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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Anime Girl and The Parallel World

Since Halloween is right behind the corner this is the  perfect time for small talks about paranormal stuff.I don't know about you but I had that phase in my life when I wore black clothes,pentagram around my neck and wanted to be a witch.Watching horror movies and listening scary stories was my favorite pastime.We had that widowed neighbor who always had interesting "true" stories to tell.Since my friends and I were attracted to supernatural like moths were attracted to flame,we believed it all.As far as I'm concerned,I still believe in...


                                                  ghosts....(I wanted to have my own Casper),


   In the meantime I also realized that....

I first read about past lives and karma in  "The Parallel World" by B.D.Benedikt.He is a Canadian writer and film maker with special interest in paranormal occurrences.He collected true stories and witnessings from all around the world and put them in this book.It is a unique collection of everything you never wanted to see or read about in one place.Let's just say the book really scared the shit out of me. 


It also made me think about things I do and like for some strange reason.People used to ask me why I loved Asia so much.At first I didn't know anything about the country or its culture.I only knew that the land of the rising sun fascinated me beyond the boundaries of reasonable.I liked everything about it:it's innovative people,architecture,history,movies,animation,fashion, name it.
I would only think twice before I eat anything they serve,because you never know whether they served you a dog,cat,bug or some other animal/thing that is not a cow or chicken.

     Akamon (Red Gate) in Kyoto, Japan
Kumamoto castle, Kumamoto, Japan
     Zhouzhuang, China
       Daigo-ji Temple,autumn in Kyoto
 Kenrokuen gardens, Japan (the Cherry Blossom season)

Most of the articles I found online stated that "deja vu" is the echo of our memories from the past life.We unconsciously develop a liking for things which were important to us in our past lives.The person's actions,whether good or bad,will often have consequences for that person,in this life or the next.What goes around comes around after all.Past life regressions are performed by an expert but there are also good online alternatives.If you want to know what you were in your past life,check it here

I completed the test and I got my past life diagnosis
(oh yeah,I'm pretty convinced now)

I don't know how you feel about it, but you were female in your last earthly incarnation.You were born somewhere in the territory of modern South Japan around the year 1775. Your profession was that of a builder of roads, bridges and docks.Your brief psychological profile in your past life:
Person with huge energy, good in planning and supervising. If you were just garbage-man, you were chief garbage-man.The lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnation:
You are bound to learn to understand other people and to meet all difficulties of life with a joyful heart. You should help others by bringing them a spirit of joy.

This one is much creepier.I had goosebumps all over while I was reading the article.
It's like I was reading my own obituary.

Judith Eva Barsi was an American child actress. She started her career in television, making appearances in commercials and guest starring in television shows. Her success in television led her to star in films such as Jaws: The Revenge and most notably providing voices for the characters of Ducky in The Land Before Time and Anne-Marie in All Dogs Go To Heaven. She was small in stature and often played characters younger than her actual age....she didn't live long :(

 P.S.Don't worry guys,as soon as the Halloween passes I'm going back to being my old boring self.
Until then have fun with the tests.I hope you'll share your results...

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Anime Girl Playing a Nerd

Lately my computer has been experiencing serious health problems.It's no wonder,considering the amount of photos,music,books,movies and other stuff I have on it.Since I wouldn't be able to survive a day without my laptop or the internet,I decided to play a good Samaritarian and clean the poor bastard.My knowledge about programing may be limited but when it comes to cleaning,let's just say I'm really good at it.I armed myself with patience and started with a disk cleanup,then checked all hidden files and  folders,deleted temporary and recently used files,fixed system errors,scanned it with ComputerRepairFree and CCleaner and finally did the defragmentation.Now it's as good as new and I didn't crashed my system in the process :)

Thank you Google!

Since I easily get attached to everything,there was a lot of stuff I couldn't really delete straight away.That's why I decided to put them here first and than delete them (my own photos included).
 I'm sure all of you experienced that hateful moment when you have to ask other people to photograph you,sometimes more than once...or twice.When I find that willing individual I will stop taking photos of myself,in the elevator.

 This is not my Halloween costume,it was taken in March.The reason I'm dressed 
 like a nerd was my exam.What can I tell you,dressing smarter makes you fell smarter.

                                                      back to October,present day and time...
Did I mention how I love socks.I love them as colorful as possible and I just couldn't resist these cute heart socks or these orange-purple ones.I also found the collar necklace I saw here and this pointy bracelet which,kind of, makes me fell like a bad ass every time I wear it.

I totally wasted my money on this Nivea clear-up strips for blackheads.I'm either incredibly clumsy or just incredibly unlucky because I followed all the instructions to the letter and nothing happened.
The blackheads,whiteheads in my case,remained firmly where they were.
Next time I'm trying homemade Egg White mask for blackheads,it's cheaper.

                                                           for the end...don't worry,be happy,
                                                             laugh out loud and sing along ;)

Friday, October 12, 2012

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Sranja koja drugi vole,a da meni nije jasno zašto

Bitchy  mi je prije nekoliko dana zadala domaći zadatak.Pošto sam ja ,najgora od sve djece, imala druge stvari na pameti,odlučim da ga danas konačno i završim.Kao što se može pročitati iz naslova,tema zadatka je "tri sranja koja drugi ljudi vole, a da tebi nije jasno zašto".Niko se nije zaustavio samo na tri pa neću ni ja.Ne bih nikoga tagirala i tjerala da radi nešto što mu možda nije po volji.Ako neko voli izazove onda bujrum,slobodno napišite sva sranje koja drugi vole a vi mrzite.
Sranje br:1 Masline
Nek su one zdrave i nek sadrže željezo,magnezij,kalcij i koliko hoćeš drugih elemenata iz periodnog sistema,ja ih nemogu ni naopako.Zato ih redom guram u tanjir ljudima koji ih vole.A uostalom moja krvna grupa ih ne bi ni trebala jesti,tako da za svoju odbojnost imam i naučne dokaze. 

Sranje br:2 Đorđe Balašević
Ne volim ga ni vidjet ni čut.Ne volim njegove tugaljive pjesmice i puka nabrajanja.Znam da je čovjek nagrađivani kantautor i da je svašta nešto postigao i da ima milion i nesto fanova al džaba.
Za moje drugove, fanove dotičnog, zaista nema veće uvrede......

  Sranje br:3 Kiša
Ne bih izlazila iz kuće kad pada,tmurno je i samo mi se spava,
a mrzim i kad mi cipele propuste

     Sranje br.4 Muhe i Pauci
        Ima onih koji ih vole al u mojoj kući ,da se razumijemo, muha ganja mene a ne ja nju.
      Pauci su se davno odomaćili.Veći su od mene jebiga,ne mogu im ništa.

                                                      Sranje br:5 Porodična Okupljanja
         Ja obično ne volim okupljanje bilo kakve vrste.Unervozim se i ne mogu dvije rečenice sastavit kako treba.Ali radi porodičnih okupljanja bih najrađe emigrirala u drugu državu.Mrzim kad se  priča okrene u mom pravcu i sve odjednom zanima gdje sam bila,šta sam radila i kakvi su mi planovi za budućnost.Popustite me ljudi ko boga vas molim.Da znam šta me čeka u budućnosti sigurno ne bi sigurno sjedila sa vama i izigravala dadilju rođacima iz trećeg koljena.

                                                                   Sranje br:6 Djeca
Ne mrzim ih samo ih ne volim.Čudna su stvorenja ta današnja djeca.Zloće u filmovima im nisu ni do koljena.Oni gledaju kako da naprave belaj,pokvariše sve živo,i svoje i tuđe, i još zaviruju tamo gdje ne treba.Vrište napolju kao da ih neko kolje,šutaju kučiće po ulici i gađaju golubove kamenjem.Bolje da je mene neko gađao kamenjem kad sam upisivala Engleski jezik i književnost.Diže mi se pritisak kad mi kažu tiš bit učiteljica,e baš neću :Pp

Sranje br:7 Osjećani ljudi
I sama se ubrajam medju njih.Mrzim što plačem kad gledam tužan film ili seriju.
Mrzim kad knjiga nema srećan kraj i mrzim što sama sebi sjebem dan sa glupostima.

Sranje br: 8 Perwoll Reklama

                                                                  Sranje br:9 Twilight
        Najveća greška koju sam ikad napravila bila je što sam odgledala prvi dio ovog filma.Posle njega imam fobiju od filmova sa vampirima.Sve se bojim da neće sjajit na suncu kao jebeni dijemant il da ne daj bože neće imat očnjake.Ostalo neću ni komentarisati.Zamisao je bila dobra ali projekcija iste mi je upropastila omiljeni žanr.