Anime Girl in The Insomnia World

What is it with me,horror movies and picking the worst time possible to watch them.I started with  the  Human Centipede which made me sick all the way through.I could barely stand it for half an hour because it was full  of gore and some heavily disturbed stuff.I actually  thought myself to be resistant to all kinds of shit people put in movies nowdays  but it turned out I have my limits as well.
Watching horror movies at night when you are home alone is definitely a bad idea.But watching a movie like the Possession at night is the worst idea possible.After half-muting and half-covering my face during the Exorcist I swore I will never watch any demon/ghost/thing possession movie ever again.I even successfully avoided Paranormal Activity and all its look-a-likes but this movie got through my defense.I exclusively blame daddy Winchester aka Jeffrey Dean Morgan for that.I luved him a bit in P.S I love You and a lot in Supernatural
So I watched the Possession and it scared the hell out of me.I don't think cuddling my blankie,barricading with the pillows or leaving the lights on will help me tonight.Curiosity did not kill the cat but it killed my dreams.Since the cat is alive and kicking I don't have other choice but to wish  you all sweet dreams and to wish myself more common sense in the future .Until we meet again....HATS DOWN FOR THE BOYS


  1. Ja horore ni u društvu ne gledam, strašljiva sam :). Serije već nekako mogu, Supernatural mi je bila zabavna.
    Voliš li fantastiku? Da nisi kad gledala Dr. Who?

  2. Ja mislim da ce proc koji mjesec prije nego se odlucim pogledat jos neki horor.Volim fantastiku a Dr.Who sam bookmarkirala i planiram je odgledat vec neko vrijeme...trenutno gledam Dextera i Big Bang Theory i naravno cekam osmu sezonu Supernatural

  3. SUPERNATURAAAAAL (ok fangirl squealing very loudly here)
    Dean, Sam, Castiel the innocent kicked puppy!
    Don't be scared. The Winchester boys will protect you tonight. Think of the bright side. 2 (or 3 if you count Castiel) sexy hotties lounging in your room and protecting you from meanie demons... You are going to be more than fine. I don't think I will be sleeping. I will be staring at them all night long. Even if scary ghosts, demons, monsters appear in my room and scare the living hell out of me, it will still be worthy. Fangirl power is strong within me.

  4. LOL innocent kicked puppy,oh why didn't you write sooner I would feel better just by reading your comment :))))