Tribute to a Cat

I once knew that special cat.He appeared one rainy day soaked to the skin and with blood in place where his tale should be.He had no other injuries so I can just conclude that some human being,if I can call him like that hurt,that little kitten.Oh he was little,smaller than a palm and starved and scared to death.He was so afraid of humans and it took him a while to get used to being around them.His wound healed and he gain some weight.A friend called him Suki.That was his official name but we mostly called him kitty.
Suki was a weird cat but it was nothing unusual considering what happened to him.He wasn't violent but when he wanted to move his tail and realized he had none,he would just start jumping around like he was high.It was funny,disturbing and scary at the same time.He played with old bags,climbed on closets and had a habit of touching someone with his paw if he sensed that he was not given enough attention.He also liked when someone would touch his nose and say bi-bi.

He liked sleeping in the sink,and eating dog's food.Oh yeah he had a roommate.Actually he had a few.But this tomcat showed them who's the boss.Actually he thought he was the boss but his playful nature would always come to the surface and he would befriend the newcomers.He mimicked them and posed with them,he teased them merciless but still slept next to them.


Sukie was a really special cat who sensed when you are sad and would lie on your stomach offering warmth and comfort.Just looking at him would make your day better.Since he lived on the seventeenth floor with a big adjourned terase,his favorite pastime was catching pigeons and bugs and making Maza angry.Maza is the beautiful golden retriver in the last picture.Making her angry is almost impossible because she is such a mild and gentle creature.She never even barks and she lets everybody to  pet her.She was found tied to a bench.No one could tell how many days she spent like that.Humans can be ruthless bastards that much I can say.Well Maza became the member of the family.She didn't mind when Sukie was drinking her water or eating her food.I guess she was happy she had any of it.She didn't mind when Sukie was sleeping in her place.She would just lie on the carpet and watch TV with those serene eyes.We thought she was expecting because she was huge and were looking forward to having puppies around.It turned out it was a fake pregnancy.Yes,dogs have it when they prepare their bodies for the actual future pregnancy.So she was acting like a mother and was really protective. She proved that when I found these babies behind a local supermarket.I have a soft spot for abandoned animals and would always help them with food or shelter,even finding a new home.These babies were taken from their mother when they were maybe a week or so old.Kids must've found them,had fun and left them a few blocks away.They were too small to eat food good people left to them.They were in danger of being run over by a car or attacked by stray dogs.We took them home and fed them on a bottle because they couldn't eat by themselves,we even gave them names.Soon after we put their pictures on the internet in hope that someone will take them in.A girl answered our call saying that she knows from where the kittens came from.Their mother was looking for them.After a struggle to keep them fed and satisfied,in which Maza helped wholeheartedly and treated them like their own pups, we took them back to their mother.We rubbed the mom's fur and the kittens so she wouldn't reject them.Well she didn't.She was thrilled to have them back that she didn't actually cared for anything else.And neighbors were happy too because they seemed to like Pajke (the mum) very much and they thanked us for bringing them back.Together we decided to find them home as soon as they become stronger and not dependent on their mother.And we did.Three of them found happy owner's.One was still too weak so we didn't want to separate him  from his mother.In the end,after the unfortunate events,we came back for the last kitten.We put her in a bag where she fell asleep instantly.Maza was happy and Pheobe seemed to be happy too (the kitten).

 It was all because one day Sukie found another pastime and he caught a bat that bit him.I once heard that if you take a bat's wing,dry it and carry in your bag you will never lack suitors.Well I never get to do that because the bat disappeared and so did Suki.He was gone most of the day and when he did not appear the other day too it was a cause for alarm.I even joked that maybe he turned into a bat and flew away.Me and my stupid sense of humor.In the morning there was a  stain on the asphalt near the building and a guy in the nearby shop said there was a cat lying there but they had to remove it because of the customers.He didn't care to look at the picture of Sukie to confirm whether it was the same cat.He didn't bother to tell where the body was taken,carried,dumped whatever we just wanted to know..Sukie lived in that same apartment for two years.How is it possible that a cat who knew every inch of that place ends up falling from the terace?He had neighbors who hated him.Maybe someone was mean enough to push him or cause him fall.Maybe he just miscalculated the height and slipped.I want to believe that he just escaped and that he is well.It's been two months already since he is gone and it is really difficult to get used to that fact.
R.I.P Sukie.

P.S.Here are some unusual animals my BFF photographed.First is an albino cat with two different eyes,a rarity itself.Wish I had seen it myself.Second pet is a weasel my friend found in her old shed.He was also a baby and she took him in until he was big enough to live by himself.He now lives with cats in that same shed.


  1. Ova lasica je legendarna :)
    Volim životinje, u većini slučajeva više nego ljudi, kada vidim bebu dobijem mlaki jee u glavi ali kad vidim životinjsko mladunče poludim i gugućem.
    Imala sam i ja slučaj da mi je ljubimac neobjašnjivo stradao, više puta, zadnji put baš mislim da mi je psa neko otrovao jer se odjednom promijenio, samo je ležao i na kraju nestao, kažu da životinje umiru same, RIP moj mali Murat.
    RIP Sukie.
    Divne su ti životinje

    1. Ma bih rado imala sve moguce zivotinjske bebaće nego jednu ljudsku...ja rado pomazem kome mogu ali obicno su ljudi nezahvalni,dok cukicu i macicu jednom nahranis i oni ti budu vjecno zahvalni...joj jadni Murat,tako tuzno,ljudi su bas okrutni i zaista mislim da ih trba najstrozije kaznit za ovakva nedjela.Ali moram bit realna jer mi ipak zivimo u BIH,zemlji u kojoj vlada bezakonje i kriminal.
      R.I.P Murat

  2. This post touches me. I have a big soft spots for animals, especially abandoned animals. I am sooo glad there are people like you out there helping unfortunate animals. It makes me really happy. I had a sad tale about abandon kitty. I came home from school and I saw someone left a basket in my driveway. Excited I went to look at it. But yeah... the kitty was dead (I don't know why). I wish I had come back home earlier. Maybe it would have been alive. That memory still haunts me. The strange part is that I quickly went to call my dad inside the house, when I came out the next minute, the body was gone from the basket. A big mystery up till now.

    Anyway! I love all the animals you helped! They are sooo adorable. That happy weasel... so cute! Sleepy kitte... awww...
    RIP Sukie. Don't worry, he might be alive somewhere. It's possible that someone thought he was abandoned and took him home. Don't think negatively.

    1. The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated (Mahatma Gandhi)
      I think this pretty much says it all.So sorry for the kitty you found dead....maybe she was just pretending,cats do that when they feel threatened even little kittens.But then who knows what happened.I hope she's alive,I hope Sukie is alive too....weasel is definitely the best