Oh shit Rain,not you again

It's officially fall when it's pouring outside:no more sunny days,no more sleeveless shirts and no denim shorts.Autumn is never fun for me.I was born in summer and I'm all about being shinny and bright.As long as the sun shines I'm good,when it rains I'm also good-just good for nothing.When I was a kid I kept repeating to anyone who listened that when I grow up I will live someplace sunny,with no snow or rain.So much about the truthfulness of that statement.Putting colorful stuff on me does not help a bit when everything around is gray,dark,wet and empty.I wouldn't set my foot outside if I didn't have to because every time I end up with wet everything and a mild case of flu. 

The only thing that improves my mood right now is the fact that I'm sending my first portrait overseas.A friend of a friend of a friend recommended me for the job,on which I'm more than grateful.I will upload the drawing as soon as I get the permission from the new owner.As a payment I will receive something I wanted for so long and it couldn't have come at a better time.With them I will be fit and ready to fight monsoons.Here are my soon-to-be-babies "tokidoki X chooka rain boots".I initially wanted those with geisha print but they were out of stock.So the first ones are just fine.They fit perfectly with my quirky personality.

And since I'm such a modest person here is my wishlist for this fall.It's not much just the necessary stuff I need desperately in order to survive this sucky yucky weather:cute coat or just the guy in the middle (hug is enough to warm me up),Ulyana Sergeenko backpack (the one backpack I'm dying to have),colorful umbrella,hats (my latest obsession from Topshop,Radley,Debenhams,House of Fraser,John Lewis) and art supplies (last but not the least important)....


For killing time I also recommend Gabriel Garcia Marquez.Yes,his books are hundred miles long and demand a certain level of concentration but I adore them.Love in the time of Cholera and One Hundred Years Of Solitude are,by far,my favorites.Love in the time of Cholera got it's movie version with Javier Bardem,Giovanna Mezzogiorno and Benjamin Bratt so you can watch if you don't have time for reading.
"Legend Of The Guardians" is something else worth watching .It would be a shame to miss the excessive amount of cuteness,adventure and fun in one place.And since I'm a sucker for all things feathery and furry I watched it several times.One day I will definitely buy myself a pet...owl or a monkey,maybe both!



  1. Daj link za čizme gdje se mogu naručiti :)!
    Jesi probala podesiti widhts na blogu, znas ono kad odes na design-customize-i onda imas opciju adjust widhts. Ne znam...nisam imala takav problem, a blog ti kod mene pravo dobro izgleda, nema te sive pozadine.

  2. Cizme sam prvi put snimila ovdje
    http://www.polyvore.com/tokidoki_chooka_leopard_womens_rain/thing?id=3938845 medjutim gdje god sam trzila na netu bile su il preskupe il out of stock....cura kojoj sam radila portret ih je sasvim slucajno nasla u nekoj radnji u Kanadi i tako sam dosla do njih tj.cekam da one dodju do mene;
    pokusavala sam svasta nesto i sa css codovima i sa opcijama uklanjanja headera i na kraju sam se iznervirala i odustala...pokusacu opet kad budem imala zivaca