KLove:The Origins


I'm writing again but just because I have nothing to do while waiting for my exam results.So don't get used to seeing new entries every day unless,of course,there is something interesting going on in my life.And that rarely happens.Actually it happens only when my clumsiness steps on the scene.It's the main reason I don't go out much.I guess I must give people some time to forget all about my existence until I repeat myself and that is bound to happen anytime soon.Going through my old galleries really did not improve my mood because my lifelong argument with the camera is the main reason this is not the fashion blog,although I love fashion.I also loved my camera but that love was one-sided.The second reason is that I broke my camera (my new camera barely ten days old) when the elevator door closed in the speed of light and I dropped it on the floor in attempt to save my arm ;))It was funny in that moment but it wasn't funny afterwards when I saw the damage.So I'm back to taking photos with my phone which proved to be unbreakable.Third reason is the fact that I have so many other interests which I can share with people instead of focusing just on one.Because of the reasons previously mentioned I will put from time to time pics of my outfits but don't expect to see me on them.Here is the outfit I wore this weekend when I was mistaken for a minor.Picture quality is average and I apologize for that,I would say it's not my fault but it is so...sorry again.

pics missing :D

Still no result's,waiting is killing me.It took some time to upload these photos and 4 hours passed since I started the post.Yeah my connection sucks big time.I'm healing my bad mood by listening kpop actually just this one song.I can't actually get enough of it.Nobody can pull this style and haircuts like boys from Big Bang.Their every video is a feast for eyes.

And while we are at this I can as well write how my fascination with kpop and kdrama started.Well I guess the love for all things Asian started when I first watched Sailormoon.I was in primary school and was spending my summer vacation at my aunts house.I clearly remember fighting with my teen cousins for the remote because they wanted to watch movies not cartoons.They were bigger and stronger and I clearly had some guts or lack of common sense when I decided to go against them.I smartened up since then.Back to the point,back then I did not know the difference between Chinese,Korean and Japanese people and I didn't really care.I loved them all because they were such an imaginative people.And since martial arts inevitably go with Asia I developed love for it too.
Then one day a few years back I came upon a movie "The Duelist".The summary looked promising:action,romance,history,mystery and pretty actors (the decisive fact). So I watched it and fell in love with Kang Dong Won instantly.So I googled him and guess what,a whole new world opened up to me.

Movie was sooooo good.Kang and Ha Ji Won had an extraordinary chemistry and everything starting from costumes,fighting scenes,modern way of storytelling to god girl/bad boy romance just left me in daze.
Although it's set in a historical era, the movie uses a very modern style of storytelling with extensive use of slow motion,freeze frames,multiple images, and varying perspectives.The film is shot in brilliant, saturated hues, with strong reds perhaps predominating.Black,white,blue and a smaller amount of yellow are all present in concentrated form.The scenes are cut,often abruptly,and multiple shots are often used in the same screen.
Sword-fight scenes are highly stylized and choreographed and are more a dance than conflict.
Humor is everpresent especially in the encounters between the two main protagonists Sad Eyes and Namsoon.She proves to be just about his match in combat, but not in matters of love.The duelist is always cool and calm, whereas her love for him, abetted by her raucous character, makes her a mouse that his cat-like character can toy with.Thus, even the police's plan for her to go undercover in the minister's palace go humorously awry, as she literally tumbles for him.I laughed and cried so much and even purchased my own copy so I could watch it whenever I wanted to.Ofcourse back then I didn't know about sites like mysoju or dramacrazy where I could watch it for free.Well I don't regret it because it was a money well spend.For the end I give you one of my favorite fighting scenes ever.It gives me chills every time.For the real feel of it I would definitely recommend watching the movie.


  1. Dobra ti je kombinacija, a posto je uvijek bolje odjecu gledati na osobi ako ti toliko smeta vidjeti sebe na fotografijama možeš se slikati da ti se ne vidi lice, ne znam... :)
    Nisam toliko into anime ali sam gledala Sailormoon, Naruto, OnePiece i Dragonballz :)
    Jesi gledala film Kuća letećih bodeža? ON mi je bio dličan! I Oldboy!
    Ovaj film Duelist ću da potražim, izgleda zanimljivo

  2. Ma nije da mi smeta nego ono znas kako je nikom se njegove fotke bas ne svidaju a meni od 20 slika eventualno 2 ispadnu kako treba :)Skontat cu sta cu i kako cu.Gledala sam Kuću Letećih Bodeža,predobar mi je film samo sto mi se nije svidio kraj.Ja obicno navijam za happy end u svakoj mogucoj kombinaciji al eto nije se dalo.Duelist je vizuelno mracniji al bar ima sretan kraj

  3. I am in love with your blog. It's so tasteful!
    I adore your shirt! The cat whisker is a nice touch.
    Also, just when I thought I finally gotten over with Fantastic Baby... here I am listening and humming to it. I have to say... G-Dragon's hair shocked me. Oh and did you listen to their Monster? Their style here is so wicked! XD

    1. Oh my I forgot about Monster completely.I will definitely put it on my blog sometimes in the future.Right now I'm listening PSY-Gagnam Style you should check it out.Hilarious song with funny dance moves.It took over the world like a virus.Back to Big Bang and G-Dragon,I just luved him in all his editions except the pink one.That was a shocker to me...