Doing Things My Way

I dreamed the end of the world last night.We were struck by three tidal waves after which my building was miraculously left standing.Than we had an earthquake and I fell out of my seventh floor window and ended up unharmed.Soon after zombies started coming out of their graves and I woke up.It was like re-watching 2012 and Resident Evil in my sleep.
Anyway if it ever happens just remember I've foreseen how it will 
look like ;)


  1. Oh wow she is gorgeous! Fantastic drawing! Love it.

    Hahaha, your dream is awesome. RE is coming out! *squeal* I like to have zombie dreams. They are just soooo entertaining. I remember for a month, after playing Left4Dead, I had zombie dreams every single night. I was like "How is this possible? Is this an omen?"
    So I understand how you feel. Teehee!

  2. I had zombie dreams in the past and every time it was after watching R.E...btw I watched Resident Evil:Retribution and didn't like it.Two last parts were like a mix of Blade,Matrix and Silent Hill...I wish they just stopped after the third part.Anyway you can watch it on Solarmovie if you want to,check Pages I's free